Open letter to visitor to our web: Rant on CRA


Your site is so enlightening wow! I think I’m doing everything correct but to your point these malicious people are out there to destroy our lives. Do you have an office in Montreal? If they knock on my door you’ll the first person to be contacted, my God this is so scary!! We must revolt against this atrocity of treatment. I’m surprised people have not protested yet.  I thought IRS is bad but CRA is as bad, if not worse. Our taxes are higher than the US, so basically the government robs us twice and we keep taking the jabs…We need to camp in Ottawa to be heard, this abuse of power must stop.


Thanks for your words and for taking the time to show your appreciation.

I will answer in a bit of a rant…

 It is an interesting situation we have in respect to taxation in Canada. The average Canadian never gets to see just how bad things really are.  We get about 500 real visitors a day who read our site.

What seems to escape people is that there is a reason there is a downturn in the Canadian economy. It has nothing to do with the mortgage fiasco in the USA and the spill off to other countries.

The Canadian economy is different that most of the rest of the world. The Canadian economy would boom but for one simple reason.

There is no shortage of desire or willingness to work in Canada. There is just a shortage of money.


Here is a bit of an economics rant… I could really expend on this subject… but it is a digression… and it is just my opinions.


There are two solutions to fixing a money shortage:

1.      Create more money, which the government has the constitutional right to do.

2.      Reduce taxation which would be the more appropriate conclusion.

It is the Canadian consumer who makes the economy healthy, when they have money to spend the economy thrives.

When the governments tax wealth and makes us poor, we end up with a poor economy.

There is really little need to tax corporations, as they just spend the money anyway. Of course there would need to be a tax if the money is removed from Canada. When corporations have money, they spend and they make jobs…. So let’s drop the idea that we need to impede businesses by taxing them in to demotivation.

Taxation interferes with the flow of money, taking it out of industry and redirecting it to government financial mismanagement and to buy jets and to spend millions on advertising … we can not afford.

There is no need for income tax as we know it. That could be dropped and the HST rate  could be increased if necessary… not likely necessary.  Likely the rate could be reduced.

More money exchanging hands more often would generate more income for the government services.

Retail taxes such as GST and PST, drain money from the economy… In Canada it costs on average 13 cents to use a dollar. As the dollar circulates through the economy generating 13 cents per time. Being that that dollar will change hands on average of 100 times per month, it will generate $13 per month or $156.00 per year. Think about that…. One dollar takes $156 dollars out of circulation…..

A dollar taxed as income can only generate about $.46 per year…. That leaves 54 cents to circulate in the economy until the HST drains it to Zero.

 After a dollar drains its value to zero, then the person in possession of the dollar needs to take other money to pay the 13 cents to use the dollar…. Another way to see this is;  The government mints a loony and we pay 13 cents to use it. 13 cents every time, time after time, until we no longer have any money to pay for the use of the loonys. Talk about your Loony Toons.

As I see it … the governments are not stupid….. so one assumes they know what they are doing.

Therefore the way to control the population is to control the money, keep it scarce and keep people working until they drop dead. Make sure you tax seniors and keep them working… they know too much and could cause some real problems for the government of the day.

It used to be that taxpayers could take advantage of tax loopholes. Today the taxpayer loopholes  have been replaced by loopholes that allows CRA to exploit taxpayers.

Today tax audits are a taxpayer loophole nightmare. Small business is lucky if they can survive today’s audit. If CRA finds nothing, they can do a lifestyle audit and bankrupt you with that. If you have the money to fight, you win. If you don’t have the money to fight, you go bankrupt.

The Income Tax Act and the Excise Tax Act are so complicated that many lawyers do not understand it. So to win the day, it is often necessary to get in front of a judge.

The Tax Court Judges are mostly good people who do a just service to the taxpayer.  A day in court is a day of education. There are many lessons to be learned there. Every time we go to court we get better and better at winning our game.

Fighting CRA on your own is really hard, and elf-representing in tax court is a very bad idea. You go up against a lawyer who knows the game, in front of a judge that has to follow the rules. They can only rule on what you prove to them, so if you don’t know how to play the rules, you are a small fury animal in front of a big Mac truck.

As far as I know, we are the only company that helps people keep their books in “audit ready” format. I am not aware of any software other than our owns that allow people to keep audit ready records.

So the government of the day, knows full well what they are doing.  

When the government is finished removing all wealth from the people by using Canada Revenue Agency as Revenue Collectors, then they can give incentives to the people to earn more back…

It is all a game, and we the Canadians sit back and let it happen.

Well it is election time…. We have the right to kick out the old Dictators and elect new Dictators… we should at least do that until we get an ethical government.

The government of the day informs CRA that they are the client and taxpayers are to do as they are told.

The government of the day does abuse its power and is in contempt of the Canadian people.

Our first step is to change that by considering how we vote.

The next step is to support the Society of Professional Tax Representatives, to bring the truth to the people and we need to get a political party on board.

At the moment all I can do is help one taxpayer at a time who is in trouble, and to publish useful information on my web site. We are making change, one taxpayer at a time.

I would love to see change… it would not be good for our business, but there are other ways for our company to make money than in correcting injustices to the Canadian Taxpayers.

Anyway… that is my rant of the day. 

For more information on tax problems and solutions go to  or click here.

Best Regards

Dan White

Posted by Steven Wright on
Hey, I also have a little rant on the CRA,
In response to Dan White regarding Fighting the CRA on your own, I recently won a court case in regards to a tax shelter type program i applied for (VIA Project)which is great but you should of heard the things they were accusing me of due to previous cases similar to mine. In my Opinion the Court’s should not be active participants in the determination of the quantum of tax paid by any taxpayer, shaping their interpretation of the legislation so as to result in a pre-determined conclusion. It is the Court’s responsibility to interpret and apply the legislation in a consistent and equitable manner, so that one will be able to determine with some degree of certainty, the application of the Act (ITA) and the amount of one’s tax payable. That was the message in the SCC in Her Majesty the Queen (Appellant) v. Canada Trustco Mortgage Company (Respondent) 2005 D.T.C. 5523 and it should be the case in all of our jurisprudence, especially where based in whole or in part on the Courts of Equity; however, that is increasingly not becoming the case as more and more Justices are becoming pro-active makers of law, rather than constructive appliers of the law. And this is wrong.
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