David Little versus The CRA Goliath

David Little versus The CRA Goliath,

This is an interesting situation.

I have do admire the guy, that he will go to jail rather than to break his principles.

However I also have to wonder just how it all makes sense.

I doubt that there are very many people in Canada who think the tax system, is fair, uncomplicated, or believes that the government spends our money all that wisely. CRA is at an all time low in the opinions of the average small business in Canada, but one needs to pick the best way to fight their battles.

IIn David Little’s case his solution to protesting the government funding of abortions, seems like a hard way to figuratively kill a cat. Because there are more than one ways to skin a cat, Mr. Little could have considered other less punative options.

I wonder if David Little considered other creative ways to not have his tax dollars go things he is opposed to.

For instance he could donate 75% of his net income to his church or other charity of his choice. That would leave only 25% of his net income as taxable. Of that 25% he could spend it on medical help or countless other things that would bring his income down to what he will get in jail. Zero.

Or he could just not earn money at all and then there would be no money to go where he wants it not.

So somehow, in spite of the fact that I admire his conviction to his principles, I think his family just might like to see him home instead of in jail.

So I guess we all have our tax issues, and tax problems, and our tax solutions. I guess we should all do what we believe is right in the best way we can. So lets all send David love and good wishes for the next journey.

His next step will be more problematic. He ignored a judges direct order to file his taxes.  It is not wise to ignore a judges orders. The judicial system has no choice but to deal severely with such judicial disrespect.

Perhaps his goal of getting public attention will be worth it, but somehow, I don’t think abortion is on the minds of many people when we are really busy just making a living.

My best advice would be to remember that politics and religion don’t mix. CRA is politics and religious beliefs are as diverse as politics.

I guess if you consider Gandhi’s approach to bringing change to India, and compare that to David Little’s approach to changing CRA, you would see that there was a much greater population base to stir up to support his cause.

I wish he had applied his conviction to bringing justice to the tax system itself. Of that he could get the popular support he needs and it would not be hard to make room for religious diversity. The tax system itself has outgrown its ability to be fair. It is time for change.

To get more ideas on dealing with CRA, go to www.taxauditsolutions.ca

Dan White

New Brunswick anti-abortion activist jailed for refusing to file tax returns


8/04/2010 3:54 PM |

FREDERICTON – An anti-abortion crusader in New Brunswick has been sentenced to 66 days in jail for refusing to pay fines stemming from a 2007 conviction for failing to file his tax returns.

David Little said in provincial court Thursday that he will never file another tax return as long as there is tax-funded abortion in Canada, and won’t pay the $3,000 in fines for failing to file returns for 2000, 2001, and 2002.

“Let us not waste time any more. … Put me in jail,” he told Judge Leslie Jackson.

In January, the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear Little’s appeal of the conviction, which he argued violated his religious beliefs under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The 66-year-old Roman Catholic, who is married and has eight children, said he is willing to spend the rest of his life behind bars if necessary.

“I don’t want to co-operate with an entity that takes my money and pays gynecological assassins to kill my brothers and sisters,” he said in an interview prior to sentencing.

“I’m prepared to die in jail, if necessary. I can no longer cope with the hypocrisy of praying for life … and paying for death.”

Little now faces a new charge for failing to comply with a judge’s order to file his returns for the three years in question.

Little, who represented himself in court, said he has not filed a tax return since 1999.

He asked for a delay to the start of his incarceration, but the judge refused, ordering him into custody immediately.

Jackson did agree to send him to a detention centre in Moncton so he will be closer to his wife and children now living in Prince Edward Island.

Little is to return to court in Fredericton on Aug. 10 on the new charge.

Outside the court, federal prosecutor Keith Ward refused to speculate if Little could face charges for not filing returns for 2003 to the present. He said that would be up to the Canada Revenue Agency to decide.

Little had a number of supporters in court, including Bishop Faber MacDonald, the bishop emeritus for Saint John diocese.

MacDonald said outside court that he expects the jail sentence will result in more supporters for Little’s cause.

“I think after a few days, after people read this story, it would be very easy to motivate them to action,” he said.

When asked if he thought other Catholics should refuse to file their taxes in protest of abortion, MacDonald replied: “Yes.”

MacDonald, though, acknowledged he has filed his own return. *** Dan’s note… You really have to wonder/ ////””””????????……

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