If you are being audited; Read This First!

If you are being audited; Read This First!
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has one objective. Their sole reason for existing is to collect more and more money from Canadians. You are up against a well-oiled machine that is out to get as much booty from you as they possibly can. Don’t think for one second that there will be any kindness or overlooking of things when it comes to audits and collections.

To think that you are dealing with an agency that is set up for any other purpose than to collect revenue in Canada is not only naive, but it is missing the point that CRA’s mandate is to get as much money as they can.

CRA has risen to a new level of sophistication by way of technology. Data mining, snitch lines fed by disgruntled employees and angry X spouses have resulted in a never before numbers of audits.

CRA treats the collection of revenue as serious business, and if you don’t also treat it as serious business, your financial head is on the chopping block. Your savings and assets will be severed from your ownership by a well-orchestrated swing of the tax man’s axe.

There are so many audits going on by the now over seven thousand auditors in Canada, that CRA is six months behind in their case work. That does not mean that they will not get to it, what it does mean is that they will hire more auditors.

And just where are those auditors going to come from? Auditors already trained in the art of extraction of money? If you guessed the BC and Ontario provincial sales tax auditors, you are right. Good by to the PST auditors and Hello HST auditors. Thousands to trained hit men will join the ranks of CRA.

When the new auditors join the ranks of CRA, then the work will be all laid out for the new army of auditors who will speed up the audits.

If you have received that phone call or the letters from CRA telling you that you are going to be audited, then you need to get help before you talk to them.

Call us now at 1-905-668-4816 and tell the operator that this is a tax emergency.

If it is late at night, and you cannot sleep because of the stress this is causing you, and you just found us on the internet, then email us at info@tax-audit-solutions.com and use the word “EMERENCY” in the subject line. If you have just sent that email, you will hear from us first thing in the morning.

If you want to read on for more valuable insight into the workings of our tax regime, then read on;

You may not know that although Canada Revenue Agency is officially part of the Government of Canada, since December, 2003, CRA has acted as an independent agency working for the federal government and most of the provinces. CRA administers most individual and corporate income taxes in Canada. It also administers the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in all provinces except Quebec, where Revenu Quebec administers both the QST and GST. In Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland & Labrador, the GST has been replaced with the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) which is administered by CRA. On March 26, 2009, the Government of Ontario proposed that the Ontario Retail Sales Tax be harmonized with the GST on July 1, 2010. Although no announcement has been made, it is likely this harmonized tax will also be administered by CRA. The introduction of HST will cost Ontario taxpayers billions of dollars over the next decade by taxing all kinds of essential items, such as heating fuel, gasoline and everything that is currently PST exempt. If you write your MP and promise that the next 5 generations of your family will never vote for the party if the bill passes, you can defeat the HST. If you think your neighbour will look after that, it will pass for sure. If you want to reduce your future taxes, this is one easy way to do so.
Governments do not enact bills that are wildly unpopular. CRA has two main responsibilities: to collect taxes and administer tax law. There is even a separate court, the Tax Court of Canada, to oversee justice with respect to tax law. Unlike other courts in Canada, at Tax Court, you are considered guilty until proven innocent.
CRA is a business, and like any business, it has to watch its bottom-line very carefully. Auditing a taxpayer is expensive and, even though CRA gets its funding from 10% of our taxes, they won’t waste the time and money required to perform an audit unless they feel there is a good chance of making a decent return on their investment.
What does this mean for you? It means that CRA has already pre-determined that auditing you is a good investment. The auditor’s mandate is to go after you aggressively to obtain the most money possible. Fairness is not part of the mandate – maximum profit is the name of their game. If you don’t realize this from the outset, you are in for a very rough ride.
We know that most taxpayers don’t try to cheat the tax man — it’s too difficult and risky. However, most taxpayers don’t save all their receipts and keep audit-proof books.  CRA relies on those statistics to gain leverage when auditing. They’re hoping that because you have been honest and fair in preparing your tax returns,that you expect them to return the favour, in kind. As you will discover exploring this site, that is not likely to happen. No, this is a battle. CRA has already targeted you and developed a strategy for winning. You need to recognize that and arm yourself appropriately to prevent your financial slaughter.
For more information go to www.tax-audit-solutions.com or www.danwhite.ca

Dan White


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