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danwhitephoto-consultant_400x300.jpgMore and more Canadians are subjected to audits. With the economy down, the taxman’s cash flow is hurting, so be prepared.

If you are a small business and don’t know how to keep proper records, or make a mistake on your tax return, expect to get audited. When the tax man comes calling it is because they intend to get money from you.

While auditors do not yet have a specific written quota to fill, they are trained to get as much money as they can. You need protection.

If you get that brown envelope that tells you that CRA needs information from you, rest assured that they are fishing for money. What you need to do is retain an expert who has a track record of handling auditors and protecting deductions. Do not talk to auditors and do not let them in your home except to show them the area of your home you use for business. Sign a consent form with your representative so you don’t need to talk to the auditors.


Consulting Services

Consulting Services are mostly for tax and accounting issues.

It begins with getting clients on track with a system that keeps them on track with their financial well-being, and keeps everything in an “Audit Ready Status”.

There are a series of short term objectives that are required to achieve in order to generate the greatest value.

  1. Business Planning: We do a complete one-on-one review of you and your business, then set goals and objectives.
  2. Being Proactive: We keep you ahead of the “tax” and “financial game” by always “playing to Win” rather than “playing not to Lose”.
  3. Financial Record Keeping: Accurate, up-to-date and audit ready. This current, accurate and sound financial position produces a picture of what’s going on in the business and keeps you ahead of the game, including CRA and other government agencies.


There are 3 areas of consulting:

911 Taxes:
which is solving tax problems.

Tax Shield:
how to be protected from tax problems.

Financial Compass:
which allows you to manage the financial well-being of your company.


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