CRA needs to sweep their own porch before criticizing Canadians

GUELPH— Mark Villeneuve says he was shocked to find out he was dead. He had no idea. The 45-year-old man received a letter from Canada Revenue Agency in November addressed to "the estate of the late Mark Villeneuve," notifying the recipient of money owed. The recipient of the letter was asked to pay back an already-cashed GST credit, due to Villeneuve's supposed passing. Earlier this month, another document arrived from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada Pension Plan, also referencing the man's demise. Villeneuve said he was surprised and laughed at the mistake, but was…

Sometimes being God’s Frozen People is annoying to those who are trying to help them!

Dan’s Rant on people who don’t listen to free advice, don’t take action and then will squeal like a stuck pig when CRA comes to slaughter them.

Social Networking the Business Social Disease!

Wise old men, bright eyed youth, it is always easier to sell them some shit than it is to tell them the truth.


On a daily basis we hear about problems CRA is creating for Canadian citizens.

Big Business

Personally I am irked with the thinking of big business

The Tech Future Response

That my friends is my Rant about what has not happened. YET!!!

You know what makes me mad?

I'll tell you what makes me mad!

It is people who stand in the way of progress.

CRA stands in the way of progress. When they derail a business for months and years in a needless overly aggressive audit that is nothing short of Financial Terrorism. 

The entire CRA audit division needs a major overhaul, starting with their written communicatiion. They send out dumb ass letters that are a shotgun approach to dealing with specific matters.

It makes me mad that CRA acts like policy overrides the law.

It makes me mad when CRA says that they don't have a duty of care when they do.

It bothers me that it does not bother them about being bullies or financial assassins with the audit power to destroy.

It makes me mad when CRA auditors get too smug...

It bothers me that auditors often think they are judge and jury.

I better stop now... because I am just touching the tip of the iceberg of ignorance.


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