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Personally, I am irked with the thinking of big business. They are so far out of touch with reality, that I wonder if the glory of Geekhood has morphed into some kind of unreal computer game, where reality does not dwell. Sometimes I wonder who decides to listen to who inside big business. Below you will see what IBM predicts. Now don’t get me wrong, I respect IBM, they over all are a good company.

However, if IBM is throwing good money towards making their predictions come true, then they ought to go have a glass of 40 Creek Whiskey then take a look at the future through the eyes of what consumers want.

Not to forget that IBM sold DOS to Bill Gates and that RIM and Microsoft are examples of companies that got lost because they believed that making lots of money is only a result of past good thinking. It does not mean that they are the Gods of Future. It does not even mean that they are smart, but for sure they broke their crystal ball. Here’s a look at technology innovations IBM predicts will happen within the next five years. How I see it they are only right on point number 4. Which by the way is one hell of a lucrative business situation to

The Next 5 in 5 forecast is a list created by IBM detailing five technologies that the company believes will have a substantial impact on “the way we work, live and play” during the course of the next five years. The 2011 forecast is as follows:

1. Energy: People power will come to life.

If IBM is correct, dead cell phone batteries become a thing of the past. The company believes that kinetic energy will be harvested much more extensively than at present with small devices being used to collect the energy we create when we walk, job or ride a bike.

2. Security: You will never need a password again.

The use of multi-factor biometrics will become commonplace. Retinal and facial scans and voice recognition will replace passwords and PINs, improving security and making it easier and speedier to access password-protected accounts (unless you have a stuffy nose, that is).

3. Mind reading: No longer science fiction.

According to IBM, “Dialing a telephone is considered so last century. Soon, overt communication with devices might be just as archaic. IBM scientists are researching how to link your brain to your devices, such as a computer or a smartphone, so you only have to think about calling someone and it happens. For example, see a cube on your computer screen and think about moving it to the left, and it will. Beyond electronics control, possible applications include physical rehabilitation and understanding of brain disorders such as autism.”

4. Mobile: The digital divide will cease to exist.

IBM believes that mobile devices will be used to enable/improve services in poor or disadvantaged areas, citing mobile commerce and remote health care as examples.

5. Analytics: Junk mail will become priority mail.

“Imagine technology that replaces the unwanted messaging in your life with the next best thing to a personal assistant. IBM is developing technology that uses analytics and sense making to integrate data into applications that present only the information you want—and then do something about it.” Hmmm. In other words, spam will become personalized. Hair restorer spams will only be sent to bald people and Viagra spams will only be sent…

You can read about the predictions in more detail here.

IBM’s Next 5 for 5 forecast has a somewhat spotty track record. For example, “There will be a 3-D Internet” and “Real-time speech translation—once a vision only in science fiction—will become the norm” (both made in 2006) have yet to happen while “Your cell phone will be your wallet, ticket broker, concierge, bank, shopping buddy and more” (made in 2007) is indeed a reality.

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