On a daily basis we hear about problems CRA is creating for Canadian citizens. While the majority of Canadians think they have nothing to fear, it is only a matter of time until there is an adjustment to the cosmic awareness,as in the, “Hundred Monkey Syndrome.”

The following is a recent dialog I have been in with someone in trouble with CRA. Please note that all names have been changed in accordance to our privacy policy.

Hi Dan,

In Jan 2009 I filed bankruptcy; In Feb 2010 I received a full discharge from my bankruptcy.

On Dec 22 my E.I, and only current source of income, was direct deposited in my bank account. The next day I logged onto my account and found it empty.

I phoned my bank. They said they had a garnish order on my account. This garnish order was for a bill from Revenue Canada that had been included in my bankruptcy.

After many phone calls I was assured by Revenue Canada that it was all a big mistake and the money taken would be returned and the garnish order lifted from my account. Dec 28, the garnish order is back on my account.

Apparently placed by someone who has is on holidays, after many phone calls, Revenue Canada says they have nothing showing a new garnish being put on my account, and is working on getting to the bottom of it



Hi Sue,

This could be a bank error… I would start by letting your bank know that this is an error… and that they need to unfreeze the bank account immediately. Specifically they are not to forward any funds to CRA… because even CRA says it is wrong… They have the RTP form from CRA (requirement to pay) on it is the CRA collections person.. Have your bank call that person to confirm what you are saying is true. If the person is still on holidays, anyone in collections can look after this for you.

We could do this for you… except for a few reasons… one our time is more expensive than yours… we are on holidays until Tuesday… and this is not complicated to fix…. it is just time consuming and frustrating.

Best Regards,
Dan White



This was not a mistake of the bank.

After a whole day on the phone, it was once again determined that Revenue Canada was at fault.

My 1st Xmas with my grandson was ruined when they took all my money before Xmas.

I make good money when I work, but in winter things here shut down and I’m only on Employment Insurance.

The garnish orders have both been removed from my account but they cannot tell me when the money they took will be returned.

Unfortunately because its the holiday I cannot even find a lawyer open for advice on whether or not Revenue Canada is above the law, or if they can be charged or sued for this.

I have truck insurance that is going to be N.S.F, and will result in extra charges from my bank as well as twice now I have run up my long distance on my phone trying to get it sorted out.

It was also demeaning having to go to social assistance for an emergency voucher for groceries and a voucher to pay for a prescription I had C.O.D in the mail, which of course I had to sign an agreement to pay back.

As for telling my bank anything, even though I called them as soon as I found out what had happened, they paid CRA everything that was in my account, though not much, it was my entire income.

I will contact a lawyer on Tuesday when they open to see about filing a lawsuit.



Hi Sue,

You have every right to be outraged…. But join the club of the CRA Abused.

You are just one of the thousands of Canadians who are experiencing being a small furry animal versus a big Mack truck.

CRA is not above the law… you can sue… just be ready to have the fight of the century…. You are going to need to do both tort law and civil law… And expect your legal bill to go over 100k.

You should also consider suing the bank for breach of contract, not exercising good faith, violation of common law, breach of Charter Rights… assessor to a crime and a violation of the United Nations, rights of children.

And by the way, ruining Christmas is not new to CRA. It does not factor in to the equation when they are supposed to get their work done.  CRA has no issue about grabbing bank accounts at Christmas and sending out fear in brown envelopes to arrive on December 24th.…. It teaches people a lesson….. There are lots of good people who work for CRA but for a lot of them they become very jaded and develop an attitude of … if you don’t work for CRA then you are a tax cheater… and a rotten person to boot.

Small businesses, single mothers and senior citizens are easy targets to attack and ruin….Bullies attack the weakest and most vulnerable…  Child tax credits and seniors pensions are a source of carrion where the CRA snakes and buzzards feast….

Just understand… you are dealing with the dark forces of the evil empire… and CRA eat lawyers… Banks have very deep pockets… so good luck on actually inning a case against either. You will be sucked down the negativity drain into the bowels of a cesspool of mucus beasts who await to feast on those who would venture there….

If you are looking for some kind of moral satisfaction … that is doable and we can do that for you… but even that would costly.  Dealing with the dark forces is an exercise of countless hours to achieve the objective.

For us… well our clients love us, because we are the only company in Canada who knows how to derail the CRA Train.

Revenge is somewhat expensive, but doable… so if you are interested in moral justice… let me know…

Best Regards

Dan White

Posted by Dennis on
I went off the grid for more than 13 years because I didn’t agreee with what the CRA said I owed them. In 2011 I filed for 7 previous years to recieve Gst refunds and to establish myself as a Native Canadian citizen again. Now they are holding my 2011 refund saying I owe them from 1994, I have made them aware of the 7 years statute of limitations,and have not, and will not, agree to any kind of settlement because I owe nothing. It seems that in 2001, after 7 years, they stopped trying to collect at $8000.00. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts…thx, Dennis…
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