Social Networking the Business Social Disease!

You know what irks me? I’ll tell you… it is this nonsense that social networking is the way and the be all of the present and future marketing. What a crock of donkey pucky! And Big Business Bull (BBB) has bought in, lock – stock and barrel.

Wise old men, bright eyed youth, it is always easier to sell them some shit than it is to tell them the truth.

Let’s get with the program. The world is now known as “flat.” The sense of community is no longer just geographical. It is divided by values and interests. That means; you need to define who you and your customers are and what you represent. If your customers are people with too much time on their hands… then maybe social networking works… but it is still not the best answer when it comes to selling goods and services.

Well it may be that the Apple Cult is into the social media but then Apple irks me too, but I will leave that alone for this rant.

One has to make sure they do a reality check before they go to social networking to build their business. The grand gurus of business who think they can build their businesses by social networking don’t understand the meaning of the word “Social.” They are out to lunch on a social network break where they are not contributing to the bottom line. Hell, never mind the risks or costs involved with being a mud puddle of social babble.

The world of social is going to change to understand that social is a personal interests world and needs to be separated from business world, which are worlds apart. You don’t talk about work when you are in bed with your lover and you don’t talk about sex when you are selling computers. Sexy maybe, but sex NOT! So understand that there is a difference.

Twitting and Tweeting have a purpose, for social networking and politics, but not for those who contribute to the gross national product. The movers and shakers have no time to sit with their thumbs on their smart phones and tablets waiting for the next tweet to come, or the next buzz to build their business. Socially correct people do not interrupt meetings when they get a tweet because they don’t want to be a twit.

Here is a question; who wants to have the cost of social networking built in the cost of the things they need for business? We live in a flat, price conscious society, which is now a global economy. No one wants to pay more than necessary for what they buy, as evidenced by everything made in China. Small businesses need to be competitive and try to stay current with all that happens in Cyberworld (a pointless money pit). Save the time and money and focus on wowing your customers.

Your customers may or may not be a community… in most cases they don’t need to know or bother with each other. Regardless of that, they need to be able to contact your company and get whatever it is that you have that they want. Prospects and Customers want instant answers and they want it now. The new customers are not going to sign up with you to so that they can consume their day watching for your every tweet. If prospects want to know what your regular customers think; make it possible for them to find out by putting a testimonial area and comments section on your website. When it comes to knowledge we live in an instant gratification world, so it is up to you to make it possible. They should not need to go looking for a chat area about you, which likely does not even exist anyway.

If you are going to have a comments section on your web site, make sure the comments are monitored. There is always some lame ass dork who wants to make stupid comments, so avoid the pain.

Small businesses do not have time to live in Tweetville, or the money to hire people to manage Tweetville. In the months and years to come, how we share information will become much more sophisticated and will require a greater degree of understanding of the minds of those who have the choice to deal or not to deal with your company. The first impression must be impressive.

Your web site must be real or you won’t even get past the border of yesteryear’s community boundaries. The world of the 'do it yourself web site' is coming to an end. The future will give way to a new breed of web masters and they will have the real stuff. There will be no choice, pay them off and fade away into the past rubble of failed attempts to do business via the web. Those who pay the bucks and have fantastic web sites will prosper. Those who think they can’t afford to pay for a professional web presence, will be destined to dwell in web purgatory.

Having talked about web masters, the old glory days of getting paid big bucks just because you can do slap up a template and proclaim your genius…. are over. The web masters of the future will be those who deliver the best value proposition. They will prosper, but they won’t get rich overnight… the high paying glory days of the first web masters is in ruins. To survive financially today means that no matter what you do, you have to deliver awesome value.

Instead of thinking of building a house of business that won’t stand, instead understand who your customers are and be what they want you to be. Not only should you be what they want, you should work to exceed their expectations. You need to define who your business tribe is. Being a sound business is not built on diatribe, it is built on being authentic and proclaiming the truth.

We need to pick a tribe to belong to. Defining the word “Tribe” as being a group of people who are held together by common bonds, values and aspirations. Find a tribe where your values jive and where people are genuinely committed to doing good business.

Sure the web world is full of phonies, fabricators and fools, and there is a sucker born every minute. The “Real Deals,” will make it real and the “Real Dolts,” will pretend to be real. So if you want to grow your business, make it easy to find out who and where you are, and that you are the real deal – really!

Give the information your customers want, where they want it when they want it to instantly gratificationly found.

Social Networking is not the real deal!!! it is the tool of those who would share and care with their friends and family…. Let old fashioned business networking rule and Long reign the ‘social’ in ‘social networking!’

As for Social Networking in Business BBB… Bunch of Business Bull!

And that is just what I think, so bite me.

Posted by Rhonda Fulton on
Social networking is nothing new. Humans are social creatures. We prefer to surround ourselves with people who share our interests. Many long-term relationships start with a conversation shared over a topic of mutual interest. We nurture and possibly expand our networks of friends, acquaintances, and business associates every day, one conversation at a time. Online social networking is an expansion of what humans have always done into a new medium, the Internet. Social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, offer a special kind of conversation, one that is both familiar and new to businesses at the same time. Familiar characteristics include the spread of information to customers from other customers, the ability to improve customer relationships through communication, and the ability to establish a loyal customer following. However, the speed at which information flows, the large number of customers available on the web, and the persistence of information may take businesses by surprise.
Posted by Dan White on
Hi Rhonda,
I completely agree with what you said. Having said that; I think there is a line between social networking and social marketing. What I don’t like by participating in open social networking, is that the world is full of ass holes who will waste our time and write stupid things. I would rather have control of what is published on the internet that has to do with me.
I think what business someone is in has a lot to do with making a choice to do social networking. Selling a product is quite different from a a service that is vulnerable to people blaming others for their own failings. An example is a client blaming the service provider for a missed deadline where the client did not get the needed paperwork for the service provider in time. Etc.

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