The Tech Future Response

1. New technology in batteries, will be focus on long life, smaller size and quick change – plug and go, for your batteries. Let’s get charged up about this.

2. Security will be a chip you carry with you… like in a ring.. in a pendant,,, sort of your dog tag…that will sync with your devices to allow them to be used… when you walk away.. the device locks up. Now that is a chipper way of doing things.

3. Technology will be command by voice… fingers not required. There will be a two hour directed voice training where the device learns how you mispronounce your words…Scripts will be written to complete complex computerized functions. We will learn not to tell the computer to “go f—k itself, because it will and then we will be really screwed.

4. IBM is right on point number 4 above.

5. Junk Mail, will cease to exist. Cyber response will render spammers as impotent. And may that spread over to their offspring.

6.The line between operating systems for tablets net-books and laptops will blur… Who was that company that bought DOS anyway?

7. Android will expand to be the operating system of choice for Net-Books and Laptops. Oh, Android King of the world, long may you reign.

8. Solid state hard drives will be pluggable into a high speed USB slot. They will contain your operating system and your files and will be interchangeable between computers. They will be able to be chip set to ‘read only.’

9. Build in web cams in laptops will become multi-directional and will stop making us look so ugly. OK… so I am not all that pretty… but I sure don’t need to be made to look worse.

10. Microsoft will re-invent itself as they continue to see their traditional source of income disappear into the clouds. Microsoft will become a household name as in they will focus on making our house a techno wonder for dummies.

11. Software will go through dramatic changes.. Bookkeeping will evolve to become, record keeping and company information management. Cloud computing will rain… err… I mean ‘reign.’

12. QuickBooks and the like will be forced to change direction to adapt to increasingly aggressive government agencies such as the Canada Revenue Agency and International Financial Reporting Standards. First they will lose market share and then slowly they will go to ground zero … then raise from the ashes. The world will finally understand that QuickBooks is neither quick or easy. OH>>> and they will drop the asinine process of not letting the clients separate files by the year… and the files created in new versions of their software will be compatible. I can’t wait to see ARB kick their butts when it comes to common sense… audit ready…. Accounting of which the mainstream bookkeeping software is so far off base that they are AWOL!

13. OGEEMO and ARB will become the buzz of the next 5 years. Look out world, here comes audit ready record keeping.

14. People will challenge my predictions, and that is good. Annoying … but appreciated.  Of the swords that clashed in mighty brawls…of Mastodons…  and Caesura’s bust is on the shelf … and I don’t feel so well myself. Blasphemy and all of that… So raise your swords and engage in enraged slashing…

As I see it; the future is created from a pile of rubble, the needs of the present and ingenuity and not from some Geek telling a Non-Geek what the future will bring. Key Surah, Kay Surah… or however one spells those words. RATHER the future is created by those who see today’s problems and offer a high value, painless affordable solution to fix the problems… Like in a glass of 40 Creek, makes all the problems in live fade away in the warm glow of the flickering firelight from an open fire.

And that my friends is my Rant about what has not happened. YET!!!

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