For the record;

I met Dan several years ago, CRA was relentless, they were out to crucify me, my business and take everything I had. I trusted in my auditor, my accountant, my Board. I ran my business as a businessman should putting confidence in their University degrees,…. C.A., B.A., C.M.A, that my so called professional high paid staff touted.

I paid my taxes, my company paid its taxes, my company was voted as one of Canada’s 50 Best managed Companies, I was businessman of the year, and exporter of the year, I did everything right,… so I thought.

All that went to waste because of these so called high priced professionals who failed to do their jobs made serious fundamental errors and did NOT admit to it until I had an outside accounting firm check their work.

To be treated so poorly by one of Canada largest Accounting firms, with them saying “oh, we made a few errors and we need to withdraw as your auditors”,… all the while knowing that they along with one of Canada’s largest Legal firm were to oversee their work made crucial blunders that landed me and my company is serious hot water.

I trusted in these professionals to do their jobs and when the heat was on, they bailed.

Devastated, who can I trust? How to trust? When major law firms and Account firms can’t get it straight and under fire from CRA, where does one go to find a solution?

Dan White read in the newspapers of my plight and called me one day and suggested we meet. I met with Dan White on a Saturday, afternoon. His approach was radical, unorthodox, and totally far-reaching.

Here is the clincher,… Dan needed me to ---trust--- him. How can I do so when so many people I trusted took their money and bailed? Above this, Dan’s approach being vastly different and contrary to all that has been done in the recent past had me totally in panic. Dan took me for a walk, we talked man to man, and he called it straight, no fancy words, no false promises, no B.S., the straight goods,….! How refreshing.

As a businessman I have achieved great things, been on TV, reported in the media, newspapers, documentary about me and my company and Dan quoted,… Norman Vincent Peale, the man who taught America how to think positively,…”Powerful People get powerful results”.

He went on to say that we need to handle CRA in a powerful manner, not to be defensive but to go on the offensive. That all my life I have achieved great things, why let CRA destroy all of this!

With my last $30,000.00 I paid Dan to begin turning things around. The result: • I kept my business • I kept my house • CRA, backed off and negotiated with Dan White a fair and equitable settlement (from millions to a few thousand). 

I restructured my business, and last month the Discovery Channel was in to shoot a documentary on my business, and product.

When everyone else that I trusted jumped ship when the going got tough, it was Dan White and his team that worked with me day, night, weekends and turn things around.

My good name is now restored, CRA no longer harass’ me, and Dan and I remain close friends to this very day.

If you are reading this and you are in trouble do NOT waste another minute, call Dan, he and his team will help. Careful, I do warn you, there are counterfeit operators out there who claim to know the system, do not go there. Dan wins in court against the mighty and mean CRA, and in my books, with my 30 years of successful business record, success follows success,… Dan White will protect your interests.

P. Fabian Gatineau, Quebec

“I received a phone call from a CRA auditor who informed me that she wanted to meet with me. She also informed me that a letter to that effect has been sent to me. I did not feel comfortable dealing with the audit myself and looked for help. I found Tax Audit Solutions and contacted them.
They were very professional and very quickly I found my stress level go down. Having clearly explained how they plan to approach the audit and me not needing to deal with the auditor myself I signed up for TAS to represent me.
TAS contacted the auditor and informed them that they will be representing me. TAS prepared the audit ready booking in 3 ring binders as promised. Having seen the work myself, I am confident that my case will be wrapped up in due course.
Dealing with an audit can be very stressful. It can also be very expensive if your tax returns numbers are not properly supported by audit ready books. I would recommend the services of Tax Audit Solutions to anyone who is being audited by CRA”

I can stop by this week to pick up the banker boxes.  I am honestly glad it is all over.
I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help.  You have done a wonderful job. From start to finish I was able to concentrate on working instead of worrying about the tax audit and that made a huge difference. The outcome was better than I expected. You were able to avert a net worth audit and I have no penalties to pay. Please let Dan know I am a satisfied customer and I will definately recommend tax audit solutions to all of my friends and colleagues.
Thanks again,
All the Best,
CHRIS  from Ajax, Ontario



To whom it may concern,

I had a serious tax problem that I knew if not handled properly would cost
me a lot of money. I found Tax Audit Solutions (TAS) on the web site and
upon meeting them decided they were my best option.
TAS had the expertise on how to properly package the information for CRA, in
the correct legal manner that avoided a long drawn out expensive disaster.
They were successful in dealing with CRA, put the matter to rest and saved
me about a hundred thousand dollars of unnecessary tax.

In today's complex world CRA is your biggest creditor and if you don't have
the right protection, CRA will take an unfair share.

All I can say is that if you have a tax problem, there is no better place to
go than to Tax Audit Solutions...


Dear Dan:

As you know, our audit has finished and we cut a cheque to the vultures last week.

Surely they could see that for the past few years we've been struggling after all of the records we've supplied them with. We've been networking and delivering fliers as much as we can to
promote the family business.

The CRA doesn't go behind the scenes to see what a small business goes through in order to make it. They can't fathom putting in 15 hour days, sometimes seven days a week just to
stay on top of the expenses, while trying to make an income.

I'm advising all of my friends and family that they should NEVER deal directly with any auditors.

When we called Dan White he took the time to explain a lot of things to us but he never pressured us to use his services. We decided to go with Tax Audit Solutions after
a day of talking it through with my husband, and we've never regretted it.

Both Dan and Melissa are very professional to work with and no questions ever go unanswered. Calls and emails were returned promptly and we never felt neglected or confused.

All it takes is one phone call and a chat with Dan White to know what your legal obligations are.

Thanks again for everything and we'll keep in touch.

Audrey L
To anyone thinking about who to hire in an audit defence... it has to be Tax Audit Solutions. I had a two year audit, $ 75,000 of expenses were disallowed by auditor. After hiring Tax Audit Solutions to handle my audit defense, they achieved an agreement from CRA to settle and allow $63,000 of expenses.

To Whom it may concern, Tax Audit Solutions looked after my case to get things wound up professionally and were genuine in every way. I wish I could say the same about my previous Tax accountant/lawyer…after 7yrs of dealing with cra my lawyer advised me to go bankrupt and now that is not even an actual amount owing approx 150,000 but cra requiring $450,000 now due to equity and properties liens have been issued….just saying my lawyer hasn’t fought anything not even penalties or interest releif….so I’m glad that you can actually make some people happy at the end of the day…keep up the good work cuz we as canadians need brave people to fight this government of ours. thank you

In an ongoing audit nightmare.

On a personal note ... I am starting to feel more confident and less panicky ... and the last few nights I have been able to sleep better too. The scenes I was initially playing through my mind (of CRA coming to our house, freezing our bank accounts ... and then taking everything we own) are starting to fade somewhat. Those fears are slowly morphing into anger and incrudulity that we, as Canadians, have allowed such a destructive and unaccountable monster as CRA to live among us.
I cannot tell you how eternally grateful I am that some Canadians (ie. Mr. White and company) have the courage to fight this monster head on. "Thank you" doesn't really seem like an adequate response.
Note to OL
Attached is the decision of the Minister on your Appeal – It has been allowed in full!!!!

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